I’m coming towards the end of three months off in Melbourne. I don’t currently have a dayjob, so I’ve been taking advantage of some downtime at home. Seeing family. Walking the dog. Swimming a few times a week. Staying healthy.

I’ve done a few gigs with the Meltdown, and have jammed with Jan, Pete and Brett about once a month since the start of the year. That might turn into a band one day. We’ll probably record later in the year.

Other than that I have been pretty busy getting wired in:

  • I got into Tone.JS, culminating in the Mondrian sequencer I built.
  • I read the book on Generative Design in P5, and am gradually heading towards integrating that with what I’ve been doing with audio.
  • I’m catching up on iOS Development (a lot has changed since 2013!) and learning Swift as a result. I guess the endgame there is building some sort of musical native iOS app.
  • I recycled some CSS from a few years ago that made everything look like DOS, and now it’s my website (you’re standing in it)

You know when you were a kid, playing with Lego, and you’d get so into it that you didn’t realise how much time was passing? That’s what I call The Lego Zone. It’s been satisfying to get into that zone with programming again. It’s been a while.

updated 28 May 2019